Dutch tap water is top quality drinking water, and it is 2000 times cheaper than bottled water. And, more importantly, it does not require any polluting plastic bottles or transport. With her traditionally crafted Tap Water Carafe Lotte de Raadt intends to promote the consumption of tap water.

The shape of the carafes betrays the origins of the Dutch water. The tall bottle with the long neck refers to water from deep underground; the low, stout bottle is the ideal shape for collecting surface water; the third can be filled with dune water. The stopper clearly displays the place where the contents were drawn: from the tap, naturally!

The carafe is produced by Lotte herself in her ceramics workshop in Eindhoven. The carafe cools itself by the use of terracotta.

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dune water  Ø 9,5cm height 25cm
surface water Ø 10cm height 22cm
ground water Ø 9cm height 30cm




The Tap Water Carafe is made of unglazed terracotta, which has the remarkable property of being able to cool its contents giving you the opportunity to cool your water without the use of a refrigerator.

How does it work?
Because the ceramic is not completely water-tight, a small amount of the stored water filters through the pores of the clay and evaporates once it comes in contact with the outside, dry environment. The evaporation process (the transition from liquid to gas) absorbs heat and cools the carafe and its content. This fascinating age-old process has been widely used in the Middle East to keep water cool.

Please note the carafe will leak drops from the bottom which is normal and part of the natural evaporation process. Do not put the water carafe on a surface which cannot resist water stains, use for example a coaster.

design by Lotte de Raadt for Vij5

in collection since 2017

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