DTILE is a three-dimensional type of tiles that allows you to tile any volume as an uninterrupted grid (of 15 by 15 cm). This is made possible by the curved tiles (construction tiles) that flow around corners and edges to create a ‘tile-blanket’ so to speak.
Using the specialized ‘function tiles’ a towel holder, rail or drain can be built in neatly.
And they’re available in twenty different colours!

No idea is impossible thanks to the versatility of DTILE.

since 10 years STUDIO HELDER is Belgian’s official DTILE dealer

(here are the 3 ways we can be to your assistance)

Do you all ready know how you’d like to use these tiles?
Order them from us now and you can get started soon.

An easy way to get a 3D image of your project is by using the free software Sketchup.

Sketchup is a free-to-download design tool used by interior professionals. We have developed a Dtile Sketchup Template which incorporates all Dtile products for you to drag and drop into your mock-up and calculate which tiles you’ll need and what the substructure will have to look like.
If you are already a Sketchup user then you can download the template here. Instructions are here

download Sketchup

If you are not a Sketchup user and don’t want to be – no problem. Make an appointment with us, explain what you’d like to achieve and we make the design for you. We can give you advice on the whole process and if you’re happy with the plans we continue to the next step.

We’ll gladly assist you with the installation and strive towards a successful result together.

For all additional information and price requests send us an email below.


DTILE is suitable for almost anything and applicable almost anywhere. From entire pavilions to items of furniture, from shower trays to fireplaces, from saunas to kitchen work tops. Outside or inside; on the wall or on the floor; in the home or at the workplace – anything really is possible.
Of course, we think the Dtile tiles are beautiful – but we are not the only ones. Design professionals and architects across the world use Dtile because they see the fantastic opportunities for making beautiful spaces with our system.
It has won many awards and features in the permanent collection of several European design museums.


Dtile is great for areas where hygiene is important. The tiles are durable and highly scratch-resistant, so cracks that accumulate bacteria are a thing of the past. When used with the special grouting, the tiles are completely waterproof – making them really easy to clean and maintain.


Wet rooms can be dangerous places. Dtile floor tiles meet the stringent anti-slip standards, but any accidental slips will have much less dramatic consequences thanks to our rounded corners.


While Dtile is a high quality, beautiful, practical and durable system, it also brings some financial advantages over traditional tiles.

Dtile solutions can remove the need for some kitchen / bathroom components which would have to be purchased separately if using traditional tiles. For example, sinks, shower trays, baths and furniture can all be replaced by Dtile. This can result in a significant saving.


If the world is to be covered under a blanket of tiles, the blanket had better be three dimensional. The construction tiles make this blanket of a continuous tile pattern possible.

Function Tiles live up to their name. They integrate a function into a tile so that the tile pattern will not be disturbed by a drain plug, shelf or knife magnet. We are continually developing our range of Function Tiles and welcome any suggestions or requests.

No function is too obscure to be integrated into a Function Tile.

The Dtile color palette was inspired by the use of color by the Dutch Old Masters and it perfectly complements the product collection – clear, timeless and very Dutch.

Colors shown are only an indication. To properly judge the color, a sample is required.
Delivery time is 10-12 weeks.

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