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Enamelware is a time honoured and time consuming process, made by fusing porcelain onto heavy gauge steel. Raw steel bodies are machine-mulled or hand-formed, glazed and then kiln fired at high temperatures, creating a smooth surface. The marble pattern is produced by using the traditional marbling technique that emerged in anatolia and dates back to the 15th century. Coincidence and the hand of the artisan plays a strong role in the creation of the pattern. Part of its appeal is that each design is unique.

BORNN takes a contemporary and innovative approach to classic enamelware and aims to create the highest quality products with artisanal touches.
The brand was created by sisters Oyku Thurston and Basak Onay in 2015. They were influenced by the fascinating history of enamelware and they aimed to create unique, well-designed and traditionally hand produced pieces to put this material back in the spotlight and to give back to the community of its origin.

All Bornn products are hand produced in Istanbul, Turkey by artisans who are masters at their work.

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serving tray: diameter 28cm


heavy-gauge steel with porcelain glaze


-all products are dishwasher and over safe and withstand temperatures up to 270°C
-can be used on gas and electric hobs
-patterns are handmade and therefor unique and differ on each item

hand produced in Istanbul, Turkey by artisans who are masters at their work

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