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Grow plants indoors infinitely and effortlessly.
Greenfinity is your new indoor best friend. It is a smart system that lets you grow your favorite herbs and other plants year-round in a fun, easy, and beautiful way.

The Greenfinity pot is made of 3 parts that fit together. (1) a terracotta pot, in which the main plant is planted in. (2) a glass container which holds the cuttings and functions as a water reservoir. (3) the base piece connects the two containers and serves as a water reservoir allowing the wicks hanging from the main pot to absorb the water needed for the plant.
With this irrigation system, the plant receives constant watering without any human intervention. You just have to make sure that the glass container always has a sufficient amount of water in order to keep the plant alive.

It all started during the March 2020 lockdown. Product designer Y Quan can finally reconnect with one of her passions: gardening. Concerned about adopting a more sustainable consumption and tired of having to buy new herb plants in plastic pots that never last long enough, she decided to take the matters into her own hands: she started cuttings. But gardening and cuttings are not for everyone for many reasons: lack of space, lack of a garden plot, or simply lack of time and know- how.

To solve these problems, Y Quan started to think of a way to make this practice simpler, more aesthetic and more practical in everyday life.
She created a unique container, combining the mother plant and her cuttings, capable of holding the latter in place, all in a design thought to pleasantly decorate the interior.


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Height 15cm, Width 13cm, Length 20cm


terracotta pot and base piece
cotton wick
glass container


  1. Set up: Place your plant and soil in the terracotta pot. Add water to the base tank through the inlet specially designed for this purpose.
  2. Grow: Cut 1-3 shoots from your plant and place them in the water-filled glass container.
  3. Admire: Over the next 2-8 weeks new roots will appear and grow in the glass container.
  4. Plant: Once its roots are long enough (3-5 cm), plant the cutting next to the parent plant in the terra cotta pot.
  5. Repeat the process endlessly

Made in China

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