This collection of stoneware ceramics is unique for its double layer of clay that enables different finishes on the inside and outside of the product.
The outer layer has a soft-sanded finish, preserving the original texture of the clay. The inside has an ivory white layer of glaze that perfectly protects the product. As all products are handmade and due to temperature differences in the oven, all products are slightly different in size and color, making each piece unique.
The products are fired at a high temperature of 1.200 °C making the clay compact and the product durable and strong. As a result, all products are perfectly dishwasher and microwave safe.

Archive Studio Amsterdam is a design studio with a focus on high quality durable products that are used on a daily base.
“Start small, grow slowly. That’s our philosophy. We slowly expand our archive of ceramics and make sure that each new item perfectly fits in the existing range.
After working in Sweden and Spain for over 6 years, for multinational organizations, Lynn and Wouter decide that it is time to build their own brand ARCHIVE STUDIO and apply a different approach.
“We wanted to design our own products taking sustainability, quality and craftsmanship as our main drivers. The great thing about ceramics is that these drivers can be perfectly combined. Our products are meant to last a lifetime and a dish can be enjoyed more intensely if consumed from a beautiful plate.”

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diameter 22cm / height 3cm



Coloured outer layer / ivory white inner layer


All Archive Studio products are handmade in a Vietnamese workshop.
The cooperation with this small producer has been recognized by the EU as a program supporting the local economy.

All products of Archive Studio are suitable for use in the dishwasher and microwave

Please use the following instructions to make sure the products remain in perfect

– After use rinse the products.
– If washing by hand: use a clean sponge/ brush.
– If using a dishwasher: don’t wait to long before
starting the program.


All Archive Studio products are made of stoneware, the higher quality of clay that ensures the durability of the product.

On the inner side of each product a high quality glaze has been attached so that it is not
sensitive to scratching. On the outer side, the original texture of the clay has been preserved. The outer layer is a bit more sensitive to liquid substances, but it has a natural protection due to the high temperature (1.200°C) it has been baked at. If the instructions as above are being followed, also the outer side remains in perfect condition.

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Weight 0,300 kg

anthracite, teal