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This candle cries tears as the candle burns.

The weeping Rosa Mystica from Maasmechelen (Belgium) has been shedding tears continuously since August 8, 1983.
Sometimes the statue emits a strong scent of roses.

The inspiration for this work are representations and descriptions of weeping statues, icons and images of saints, which have been among the most sensational and controversial phenomena since the early eighties until today.
Are such phenomena really of miraculous origin?
The investigations into such miraculous tears where not to uncover a fraud, but rather an attempt to give an object a human ability, like crying.
The crying candle is a kind of Deus ex Machina (God from a theater machine).
A self-made miracle, which with her implausibility is able to surprise and to resolve an otherwise irresolvable plot situation.

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approximately 19cm x 10cm x 12cm


waxhead: paraffin
declog tool: steel


paraffin wax head casted from a handmade sculpture.

place large tealight in the back of head.
after burning candle use the hot cleaning tool to declog tear canal.
cooled and hardened tealight can be removed with a knife.
keep in dry and cool place.

including declog tool and 3 large tealights

design by Diana Keller
handmade by Studio Helder

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