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‘We all know that animal testing exists.
There is only one way to describe it: ‘suffering’. Everyday animals are burned, ruined or made addicted to drugs. The most used animals when testing are rabbits , guinea pigs, mice, monkey’s, hamsters and rats and the animals are just regarded as a number. Through this piece I want to make people aware about animal testing. When you get to wear the tag, you show that animal testing is still a problem today. ‘

Dabin Lee (1991, South Korea) obtained her master’s degree in Jewellery design, Gold- & Silversmithing from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp  (BE).

As an artist she works around social problems and daily issues in our society that need more concern. Her bright, humorous and colourful pieces are based on her drawings that portray the everyday reality. In every piece a message is given to the viewer or participant by showing different stories behind the work. A kind of ‘double entendre’ which makes people realize and think about their own perception and opinion.

“Today jewellery is more than a luxury object. My pieces contain a point of view on the modern society and the actuality we all share.”

Dabin’s goal is to reach out to help in these problems that are ongoing as we speak.

“I feel passionate when I hear people sharing their own opinions towards each other. The recognition of a problem is already one step towards solving it or trying to do something about it and adjust the situation in a positive way.”

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earring (single): 3,5cm x 2,5cm
brooch: 5,2cm x 4cm


-enameled brass/silver


each piece has a unique number

-earring with stud closure
-brooch with magnet closure. does not puncture the fabric. great for delicate pieces!

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earring (single), brooch