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LINDE FREYA TANGELDER (NL) a.k.a. Destroyers/Builders extracts the small and seemingly banal elements of architecture such as bricks, joints and tubes and translates them into design objects that spark the interior.

A minimalist play of color, shape and texture, that’s the result of the collaboration with the young conceptual designer Linde Freya Tangelder (nl) a.k.a. destroyers/builders and Valerie Objects. Linde Freya deconstructed the small and seemingly banal elements of architecture and translated them into simple and pure design objects that spark the interior. she morphed the shape of a simple curved tube into six beautiful table and wall objects such as a small shelf, a bookend and a tiny mirror. the objects are made of brick, porcelain and steel: a mixture of high-end and low-end materials with natural textures. ‘i zoom in on the elements that most architects try to keep out of sight’, Linde Freya says. while questioning the border between art and functionality, we believe that these objects have the power to become the new little altars of the contemporary home.

Designlabel valerie_objects is an initiative of Axel Van Den Bossche, Frank Lambert and art director Veerle Wenes. The combination of both their own professional and personal taste for the good and the beautiful and their volition to communicate pieces from designers and artists to appropriate audiences, resulted in the new-born designlabel valerie_objects.
The Antwerp based label shapes its collection by working with designers, architects and artists. The aim is to translate the signature works of these creative minds into tangible objects. Pride of place will always go to authentic thinkers, to pieces that have been carefully thought about, designed and fashioned by intelligent hands. Valerie_objects is actively looking for those objects that already exist, but which have not yet seen the light of day.

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38,50cm length x 27,50cm width




designed by Destroyers/Builders
produced by valerie_objects

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