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5 Plates by Luc Tuymans is a set of five porcelain plates in a gift box.
The set is based on a work of the same name by the artist from 2012. The artist made this set at the request of paediatrician Philip Maes, founder of Simon & Odil (a non-profit organization linked to the King Baudouin Foundation). For years already, Dr Maes has been researching sickle cell disease (SCD), a hereditary blood disorder that affects 60 to 70,000 children a year.
Dr Maes’s non-profit organization finances neonatal screenings of newborns, ensuring treatment can be started more quickly and affected children have a better chance of survival.
Per set sold, Luc Tuymans and Serax donate 50 euro to the non-profit organization.

Luc Tuymans (born 14 June 1958) is a Belgian visual artist best known for his paintings which explore people’s relationship with history and confront their ability to ignore it. World War II is a recurring theme in his work. He is a key figure of the generation of European figurative painters who gained renown at a time when many believed the medium had lost its relevance due to the new digital age. Much of Tuymans’ work deals with moral complexity, specifically the coexistence of ‘good’ and ‘evil’. His subjects range from major historical events such as the Holocaust to the seemingly inconsequential or banal: wallpaper, Christmas decorations or everyday objects for example. The artist’s sparsely-coloured figurative paintings are made up of quick brush strokes of wet paint. Tuymans paints from photographic or cinematic images drawn from the media or public sphere, as well as from his own photographs and drawings. They often appear intentionally out of focus. The blurred effect is, however, created purposefully with painted strokes, it is not the result of a ‘wiping away’ technique.

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diameter 25,5cm
hight 2,5cm




comes in a gift box
microwave & dishwasher safe

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