The Tulumba vase perfectly embodies the desire of Studio Biskt to bring together the worlds of industry and craftsmanship. Born from an industrial process, this vase seems to come alive under the intervention of the hand. The almost vegetal dialogue between these two columns allows us to include in each piece a unique personality.

Studio Biskt
At the crossroads of art and design, the collaboration of Charlotte and Martin is characterized by their duality and the contrast that link them. A dual universe where ideas arise from hybridizations between industrial processes and manual skills. Charlotte and Martin pay particular attention to the way objects are created. The many experiments involved in the appearance of new forms and functions that draw their inspiration in the architectural and industrial field.

Charlotte was born in 1989 in Paris.  She studied ceramic at ENSAV La cambre in Brussels where she recevied her Master Degree in 2015. Mainly influenced by the city, Charlotte questions herself about the impact of private and public spaces, urban architecture and streets organization. After few different working experiences, she co-founded Studio BISKT in 2018.

Martin was born in 1990 in Belgium. In 2008, he entered the industrial design section of ENSAV La Cambre where he obtained his master degree five years later. Obsessed by processes, Martin puts a lot of hope in the gather of industrial sector and the crafts. Already co-founder of Mekanika, an open source platform  providng tools and machines kits, since 2018,  he co-founded Studio BISKT the same year.

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8 × 15 × 35 cm




Note that each piece is handmade, therefore it might slightly vary from the product photo
handmade in Belgium

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Weight 2 kg