The Aura wall clock is made of porcelain. The clock is partially glazed and equipped with wooden hands. With its elegant, pure appearance, it is a real eye catcher on your wall!
The round shapes and the characteristic, playful edges of the Aura wall clock give a fresh and pure look. It seems to be floating on the wall. The Aura wall clock is designed with an easy to use hanging system.
With this system you can easily take the products from your wall and just as easily place them back. Combine and/or exchange the Aura wall clock with the Little Babylon wall pot and create a new look on your wall within seconds.

Fenna Oosterhoff graduated in 2007 as a product designer at the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in Arnhem in The Netherlands, after which she founded her own design studio. Fenna specializes in ceramics and she has a workshop in Arnhem where she produces her own designs. From tableware and lamps to exclusive promotional gifts. She uses strong forms and refined material which give her designs a refined and robust pure look.
“I am fascinated by clear shapes and balanced proportions and I am inspired by materials, patterns and textures which occur in nature. To me the tactile value of a product is important. This is why I like to work in ceramics, it is the perfect material to experiment with form and textures.”

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diameter 125 x 65mm


clock: porcelain, partially glazed
watch hands: wood


available colors: white, ocre

battery enclosed

The colors may differ slightly from the image.

handmade in The Netherlands

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