The cups have a natural bottom design, that invites you to touch and explore it. Although the bottom of the cup seems crumbled they stand perfectly stable.
There are two different textures: Oak and Pine.

Fenna Oosterhoff graduated in 2007 as a product designer at the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in Arnhem in The Netherlands, after which she founded her own design studio. Fenna specializes in ceramics and she has a workshop in Arnhem where she produces her own designs. From tableware and lamps to exclusive promotional gifts. She uses strong forms and refined material which give her designs a refined and robust pure look.
“I am fascinated by clear shapes and balanced proportions and I am inspired by materials, patterns and textures which occur in nature. To me the tactile value of a product is important. This is why I like to work in ceramics, it is the perfect material to experiment with form and textures.”