The project Epiphytes invites to rethink the relationship with indoor nature in terms of a cohabitation more respectful and attentive to the needs of the plant. It, although domesticated, can be free to express itself in its natural bearing. Epiphytes is a collection of suspended vases in white ceramic, offering an alternative to the potted cultivation of epiphytic houseplants, leaving on sight not only the plant aerial part but also its rootage. With this system, in fact, the plant roots are not contained in the vase, but they envelop it as they would do with a tree branch in the forest. It is possible in this way to observe in full the plant and to admire entirely its growth.
Thanks to the alternation of porous and glazed areas, filing the vase regularly with water will be enough to provide the hosted plant with humidity and water for several days.
In a tropical forests on a single tree is possible to find hundred of different epiphytic plants. In the same way, sustaining several plants with similar light and watering needs, a single vase could give life to a little ecosystem.

Dossofiorito is a multidisciplinary design studio founded in Verona in the autumn of 2012 by Livia Rossi (ITA) and Gianluca Giabardo (ITA/CH). It is located in an old car workshop, where Livia and Gianluca carry out their design experiments with a very hands-on approach.
Although they both trained as designers, they have a very different design method: through continuous confrontations on individual and collective projects, they aim to achieve a more comprehensive approach to the design practice.
The name “Dossofiorito” (flowery mound), comes from an old neon sign salvaged in a dump yard few years back. The unusual name has been enthusiastically adopted by the design duo.

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available in 2 sizes:

luffa: diameter 11cm / height 50cm
pepo: diameter 15cm / height 43cm


ceramic porous unglazed and glazed
stainless steel


Epiphytes are all those plants that in the wild, instead of rooting in the soil, grow seizing on branches or leaves of other plants and trees.They are not parasite, as they don’t take away nourishment from the hosting plant, only using it as support.

with instructions how to fix the and take care of your plant
including suspension system

sold without orchid

made in Italy

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luffa: diameter 11cm / height 50cm, pepo: diameter 15cm / height 43cm